Absolutely excellent book. When I walked into meetings in Hollywood, I knew what to do, what to expect, and how to handle it, thanks to the first edition of Max’s book. I would strongly recommend any screenwriter to grab this book and commit it to memory; Max knows what she’s talking about. ~ Toni McGee Causey

As a professional writer and now talent manager, I can honestly say two things: 1) there are too many books on the subject of screenwriting and 2) this is the only book anyone should pick up. ~ Gremlin257

I’ve been working as a screenwriter in Hollywood since 1991, so presumably I should already know all of this stuff. And I do. Well, pretty much. But even so, I found it inspiring and remarkably helpful (not to mention interesting, witty and fun). ~ Thomas C. Smith

I fell in love with the first edition of this book and totally used it as my guide when I moved from New York to L.A. and from being a playwright to being a screenwriter a few years ago. I’ve since optioned three scripts. What’s more important is that Max filled me in on so many crucial if seemingly minute details (which nobody else will tell you) that to this day I remember. ~ Richard Willet

If you ask 100 screenwriters out here in Hollywood what are the top 10 books on screenwriting, 99 of them would have Max Adams “Screenwriter’s Survival Guide” on their list. ~ Daddy Shawn

If you could only keep one book about how to survive and flourish in the Screenwriting business, keep this one!  ~ Margaret Dane

This is a must-have guide for any screenwriter who wants to run the Hollywood gauntlet to get their script sold. This book gives you the tools to help build a lasting writing career with indispensable insider information about Pitching, Meetings, Networking, Agents, Producers, Critique groups, Potential traps…you name it and it’s all in this book. Max Adams’ humor and wit are on every page with the attitude of a Hollywood veteran giving out priceless advice. ~ Maysenthe

This is the best friend in the business you always wished you had. ~ Mark Vincent Bedard

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