Chapter One: Why I Wrote This
Chapter Two: Starting from Ground Zero
Chapter Three: Who Buys Scripts?
Chapter Four: Getting Read
Chapter Five: What a Pitch Is and Isn’t
Chapter Six: Pitching a Spec Script
Chapter Seven: Pitching a Concept You Want to Write
Chapter Eight: Writer Speak vs. Mogul Speak
Chapter Nine: The Pitch Letter
Chapter Ten: Cold Calling
Chapter Eleven: Social Media
Chapter Twelve: Happy Birthday, Read My Script
Chapter Thirteen: Who Gets Read?
Chapter Fourteen: Format
Chapter Fifteen: Submissions and Presentations
Chapter Sixteen: Simultaneous Submissions
Chapter Seventeen: Releases
Chapter Eighteen: Coverage
Chapter Nineteen: Submission Records
Chapter Twenty: The Cost of Submission
Chapter Twenty One: Following Up, Staying In Touch
Chapter Twenty Two: Selling Ideas
Chapter Twenty Three: Protecting Ideas
Chapter Twenty Four: Business Meetings
Chapter Twenty Five: Guerrilla Meeting Tactics
Chapter Twenty Six: Meeting People in General
Chapter Twenty Seven: The Screenwriter’s Uniform
Chapter Twenty Eight: The Dating Metaphor
Chapter Twenty Nine: Agents
Chapter Thirty: Bad Agents
Chapter Thirty One: Leaving an Agent
Chapter Thirty Two: Cheating on Agents
Chapter Thirty Three: Managers vs. Agents
Chapter Thirty Four: Producers
Chapter Thirty Five: Bozos
Chapter Thirty Six: The Free Option
Chapter Thirty Seven: Write Like a Pro If You Want to Be a Pro
Chapter Thirty Eight: Who You Want to Work With
Chapter Thirty Nine: Writing That Works, and Writing That Doesn’t
Chapter Forty: On “Visual Writing,” or, Your Lit Professor Lied
Chapter Forty One: Parentheticals and Other Lies
Chapter Forty Two: What You See On Screen
Chapter Forty Three: High Concept
Chapter Forty Four: That Genre is Dead
Chapter Forty Four: Teen Girls Don’t See Movies
Chapter Forty Six: Writing for Ratings
Chapter Forty Seven: Don’t Write Batman
Chapter Forty Eight: Writing “Marketable”
Chapter Forty Nine: Why You Do This
Chapter Fifty: The Green Light and Turnaround
Chapter Fifty One: What You Really Get Paid
Chapter Fifty Two: The Guild
Chapter Fifty Three: Screen Credits and Arbitration
Chapter Fifty Four: Separation of Rights
Chapter Fifty Five: Entertainment Attorneys and Business Affairs
Chapter Fifty Six: Death and Taxes
Chapter Fifty Seven: Reading Fees and Consultants
Chapter Fifty Eight: Classes and Seminars
Chapter Fifty Nine: Workshops and Critiques
Chapter Sixty: Clubs and Memberships
Chapter Sixty One: Competitions
Chapter Sixty Two: Where to Get Scripts
Chapter Sixty Three: Do You Have to Live in L.A.?
Chapter Sixty Four: The Changing Face of Film
Chapter Sixty Five: The Last Word


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